The company

A Dabboura &

Dabboura GmbH brand

Dabboura & Dabboura GmbH is a family-owned company that offers outstanding quality. “Daramin” is a high-quality brand owned by Dabboura & Dabboura GmbH. With over 75 products in 9 different product lines, we offer a broad range to suit any age. Our products include our caring cosmetic articles along with our medical products. Consumers all over the world already trust our “Daramin” products – and this has always been our aim … 

To make German branded quality available for everyone and everywhere in the world, at fair prices and accessible to all.

Quality for everyone….

Your protection and well-being – our promise and our goal

Our products are based on more than 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality care products. Daramin’s primary objective is to support mothers-to-be during pregnancy and parents in caring for their baby and child. For this, we offer a varied and comprehensive range of products that meet the needs of sensitive babies’ and children’s skins. We aim to ensure that everything is particularly skin-friendly. Our products are also ideal for sensitive adult skin.

Achieving your trust is what drives us!

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Our responsibility

for children, parents and the environment

It starts with the wonderful news of pregnancy. We instantly feel the beautiful, ever-present responsibility towards our children, which remains with us and connects us for a lifetime. We would like to help you bear this responsibility, with experience gained from 40 years of producing high-quality care products. Caring for our children is something that really concerns us. Our comprehensive range includes the right product for everyone. The different product lines will help you quickly to find exactly what you need to meet your own particular needs within our range. All of our products without exception are dermatologically tested for skin tolerance. We only use the highest quality ingredients for our products. All Daramin baby and child care products are made exclusively in Germany and Switzerland. Our products are ecologically tested to make sure that we protect our environment. This too enhances the trust that our customers have in.

Our responsibility supports your responsibility!


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Yes! All our products without exception are dermatologically tested by independent laboratories and confirmed as being skin-friendly.

All products are manufactured in compliance with the ISO Certification guidelines (Cosmetics GMP)

We will be launching more medical products and/or products in the “MED” product line and caring cosmetics for the 3-13 age group. 

The wide range of “Daramin” brand products which is now enjoying great success and popularity in the People’s Republic of China.

All products except for baby powder are made in Germany. Our baby powder is manufactured in Switzerland. 

By the end of 2020, we will have an online shop where people can order “Daramin” products.

Essentially this is still possible. It depends on the country and/or the type of product. Just ask us.